Most people have long days, and work extremely hard, yet not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they love. That’s why I feel especially fortunate to be a career real estate agent assisting in running a family owned business. I have lived in central New Jersey virtually all of my life and know and love this community.  I grew up in Hamilton and moved my family to Robbinsville more than 20 years ago. I am active in the school system as the current President of the Robbinsville Education Foundation. I participate in the Women who move Mercer and run an orphanage in Kenya.  You may have even come to my house to visit Santa during the holidays at the wildly popular event I’ve hosted for 15 years.   Though I love my job, I consider myself so much more than simply a real estate agent. I am someone who wants the best for my community and the people in it. 

Every person has a story, and each one fascinates me. The people I meet on a daily basis, that I may not have otherwise known, and the life stories they share with me, are what inspire me to find them their dream home.  Moving is high on the list of stressful activities a person can do, so when I’m able to ease the stress for my clients it feels good.

I pride myself on working with referrals & past clients. I have clients come to me every time they move and recommend me to their loved ones and friends as someone they can trust. I have a full-time partner and two full time buyers’ agents to service all our clients’ needs. In addition, we have a processing staff of 4 to complete our phenomenally successful team. I believe in giving 110% to each and every client & giving each client an unconditional release should they be unhappy with our services. I do this with confidence because I know you will be satisfied. I look forward to working with you!