Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Robbinsville Home

It’s that time of year again when Robbinsville families are gathering (safely, of course). Much of that time will be spent cooking and spending time in the kitchen. Kitchen counter tops often become a catchall for backpacks, jackets, purses, junk mail, and even thawing meat. Now, more than ever, keeping our homes clean and disinfected is of upmost importance. By nature, kitchens are a busy place, which is why kitchen countertops are potential breeding grounds for mildew, mold, bacteria, and yes, even viruses. But having the right kitchen countertops in conjunction with the best cleaning methods, can ensure that Robbinsville homeowners avoid any lurking dangers. Simply put, kitchen countertops can quickly become a giant petri dish of dangerous microbes. So while you may be taking kitchen countertops into consideration during a home renovations for aesthetic reasons, consider the right materials for sanitary purposes, too. Because of the wide range of materials available for countertops, the possibilities for your own Robbinsville home are endless. Keep reading to learn the secret to the best kitchen countertops in Robbinsville. Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Robbinsville Home Depending on your lifestyle and current décor, the countertop surface you choose may differ from your neighbor. Whether you choose kitchen countertops made from indestructible composite slabs or intricately designed by hand, think about how they countertops will be used and how durable you need them to be. Laminate Kitchen Countertops The least expensive of all kitchen countertops, laminate is often chosen for its economic value and durability. It is extremely easy to install and there are numerous decorative options. Thanks to new technology in printing, your Robbinsville home could have decorative or patterned laminate countertops. This may come as a surprise to some, but laminate countertops are not only stain and heat resistant. They are not good surfaces for cutting and easily show any type of knife or cut mark.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops This is a popular choice for your Robbinsville home because it mimics the looks of stone, yet needs far less maintenance. Busy Robbinsville homeowners often choose quartz for their kitchen countertops because they are heat and stain resistant and are generally not impacted by abrasive cleaning products or even knives. Quartz is the result of a combination of minerals, colors, and resin. The color options for quartz countertops are among the best as is the availability of patterns. The look of quartz countertop effortlessly combines with a backsplash for a seamless and upscale look. Limestone, Marble, Soapstone Any Robbinsville home would look amazing with limestone, soapstone, or marble countertops. Many homes in Robbinsville, including Foxmoor choose this type of counter because the materials are aesthetically appealing as well as stain and heat resistant. They can be easily cleaned and are great for Robbinsville families who spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Granite Kitchen Countertops This popular choice is made up of unique and natural materials. No two granite countertops will ever be the same, which makes it a beautiful material to work with. More expensive than the other materials on the list, the price is well worth it because it is extremely easy to clean and sanitize. Unlike other countertops, it is not porous, which makes it a superior option during a pandemic or flu season. Robbinsville homeowners will find that they can have a choice of matte or polished finishes. Keep in mind, that if you choose granite countertops for your Robbinsville home, you will need to have a contractor occasionally come out and reseal it. This will keep it looking great and ensure no stains develop. Keep Kitchen Countertops Clean Pandemic or not, it is always smart to do your best to keep your kitchen clean. The kitchen is a high traffic area in any Robbinsville home, so avoiding potential germs is vital. The National Science Foundation performed a study to determine the places where viruses and bacteria lurk in the kitchen. They are:

45% of kitchen sinks

32% of countertops

18% of cutting boards

If you’re ready to look for a home in Robbinsville or Foxmoor with not only great countertops but everything else you’re looking for, give me a call! I’m ready to show you what is available in this highly coveted neighborhood!