How to Get Multiple Offers When Selling Your Home

The only impact the pandemic has had on real estate is that home sales and values are on the rise. Right here in Robbinsville and Foxmoor, sellers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Due to extremely low interest rates, looser lending standards, and a drop in foreclosure rates, it’s no wonder that buyer activity is strong. If you’re ready to have several offers on your Robbinsville home or Foxmoor townhouse, keep reading and follow these expert tips: Aggressively Price Your Robbinsville Home By aggressively pricing your Robbinsville home or Foxmoor townhouse, you will discover greater buyer interest. It will cause more Robbinsville residents to reach out and give you the opportunity to sell your Robbinsville home at a higher price point. If you’re hoping to get multiple offers on your Robbinsville home or Foxmoor townhouse, multiple showings are an inevitable prerequisite. I offer virtual tours and Covid-safe showings to ensure buyers and sellers feel safe and comfortable. Keep in mind that listing your Robbinsville home at a lower price point does not mean it will sell at that price. Opposite, in fact! It means you are pricing your Robbinsville property from a sales perspective. I will work with you to come up with an appropriate and comparable price for your Robbinsville home so it undoubtedly nabs buyer attention. Presentation is Key Robbinsville homes that get multiple offers are ones that are most covetable. So many Foxmoor condos and Foxmoor townhomes sell quickly simply because they are presented in a way that gives off the perfect look, feel, and function that buyers are seeking. Consider the curb appeal of your Robbinsville home in addition to the rest of your Robbinsville home. You want to get the buyer’s attention from the moment they walk in the door. Be sure to keep the home well-lit, and if you have a fireplace, light a fire. Making the Robbinsville home as inviting as possible also means reducing clutter and keeping it immaculately clean. Foxmoor buyers will immediately fall in love with your home and aggressively bid for it. Be Accessible and Flexible Despite the pandemic, it is possible to offer showings. Thanks to virtual showings, you may be able to have less people in your actual home. Although, keep in mind that serious Foxmoor and Robbinsville buyers will want to see your Robbinsville home at least once. Being accessible and flexible with your schedule to accommodate serious buyers will help motivated buyers make an offer. Expose it to the Robbinsville market Getting an immediate offer on your Robbinsville home is certainly exciting. But don’t be afraid to leave it on the market a little longer. Exposing it to the Robbinsville market slightly longer can be a good thing! Set a timeline. That way you will allow multiple buyers to get the opportunity to check out your Robbinsville property, while also keeping a sense of urgency. Let’s talk! Has your Robbinsville home been sitting on the market? Or, are you not listed it yet? Let’s talk! I’ll help you find that “sweet spot” in terms of price for Robbinsville so you get multiple offers and sell at an aggressive list price. Give me a call when you’re ready to list your home and get multiple offers. I’ll make it happen!